How to Thin White Out

White out, or correction fluid, is a thick, white paste-like substance that can be applied to cover up printed material. White out is a common item in many offices to make corrections and changes to pages of printed information. Over time, the correction fluid may thicken or clump up, which makes it difficult to apply to the paper and may take a long time to dry on the paper. Thinning white out is a pretty simple process, but should only be done by adults due to the use of chemicals.

White out fluid can make small corrections on a printed page.

Step 1

Use an eye dropper to pull a small amount of nail polish remover from a polish remover bottle.

Step 2

Open the correction fluid bottle and set the cap aside on a facial tissue or piece of paper that can be discarded if any correction fluid drips off the brush.

Step 3

Drip a few drops of the nail polish remover into the white out bottle.

Step 4

Close the white out bottle lid and turn clockwise to tighten.

Step 5

Shake the bottle firmly to mix the nail polish remover into the white out fluid.

Step 6

Repeat until the desired consistency is reached.