How to Clean Paver Bricks

Distinguished by their density, architectural character and weather resistance, brick pavers do not crack, rot or require frequent maintenance. Brick pavers are prevalently used for patios, sidewalks and driveways to beautify home exteriors and landscapes. Although brick pavers are low-maintenance, they accumulate grime, dirt, mildew and algae, which appear as dark blemishes. Debris also builds up between the pavers' joints. Since dirty brick pavers detract from a landscape and home's aesthetic appeal, regular cleaning is necessary. You can clean brick pavers using mild solutions.

Brick pavers are available in various hues and shapes.

Step 1

Sweep the brick pavers to clean off loose branches and grime. Remove as much debris as possible using a broom.

Step 2

Fill a bucket with 1 gallon of very warm water. Pour 1/2 cup of oxygen bleach powder into the hot water. Mix the oxygen bleach into the water and wait three minutes for the white powder to fully dissolve.

Step 3

Pour the solution onto a 2-by-2-foot section of the brick pavers. Concentrating on small sections prevents the oxygen bleach from drying too quickly. Let the solution permeate the pavers for 10 minutes.

Step 4

Scrub the 2-by-2-foot section with a stiff-bristled, non-metal brush to dislodge dirt, mildew, algae and grime. Thoroughly rinse the pavers with fresh water.

Step 5

Clean the remaining 2-by-2-foot sections of brick pavers using the same process. Thoroughly remove all grime from the pavers.

Step 6

Allow the brick pavers to air-dry completely.