The Four Types of Constructions

Construction is the process of building anything that results in the completion or remodelling of a structure. Construction projects are commissioned either publicly, by a municipal agency for example, or privately by a property owner. Highways, pipelines, residential structures such as homes and garages, and large facilities such as hospitals and stadiums are all categorized as one of four types of construction.

Construction types depend on the structure being built and how it will be used.

Residential Building

Residential housing construction is defined as the building, remodelling or repairing of structures that are built for the purpose of housing people, equipment or supplies. Single family homes and multi-family dwellings such as duplexes and apartments are included in residential housing construction. Garages and outbuildings such as utility sheds are also considered residential housing construction. In building new homes, this type of construction also includes the installation of utilities such as electricity and water and sewer, as well as paving around the structure.

Institutional and Commercial Building

Schools, medical facilities such as hospitals, sports arenas and stadiums, retail stores, shopping centers, and skyscrapers are projects that would be classified as institutional and commercial building construction. This type of construction includes the building of new structures as well as the maintenance and upgrading of existing structures. Typically commercial and institutional building projects such as a retail store are commissioned by a private owner or company. Schools, medical facilities and sports arenas are projects often managed and paid for by both local and national government agencies.

Specialized Industrial Construction

Specialized industrial construction includes building structures that require a high degree of specialization and technological skill in construction, planning and design. This type of construction is usually carried out by industrial or for-profit corporations. Industries such as chemical, medical or power generation would build structures such as such as oil refineries, nuclear power plants and steel mills, which are categorized under specialized industrial construction.

Infrastructure and Heavy Construction

Heavy construction and infrastructure is defined as the process of adding roads, railways or communications to the surroundings of an existing building. This type of construction typically serves public interest and is undertaken most often by large private corporations and government agencies. Highways, tunnels, transit systems, bridges and overpasses, pipelines and drainage systems are projects that fall under infrastructure and heavy construction.

Renee Miller

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