How to Kill Parasites on Carpet

Pets can transfer parasites onto your carpets. You can kill parasites on your carpet by steam cleaning or by using a treatment spray. You can always hire professionals to clean your carpets to kill parasites, but the convenient aspect of steam cleaning or spraying is that you can rent a steam clean machine or buy an area treatment spray to prevent the expense of cleaning companies and the danger of harmful parasites.

Steam clean or spray your carpets to kill parasites.

Step 1

Remove everything from the surface of the carpet, including large furniture and any trash larger than a pencil eraser. If your home is full of furniture already, work with just one carpeted room at a time so you can move furniture between rooms, rather than outside or in storage, while you are steam cleaning to kill the parasites on your carpet.

Step 2

Vacuum the entire surface of the carpet. This will not remove the parasites from your carpet, but you need to remove the larger pieces of dirt from the carpet before you steam clean or spray it.

Step 3

Steam clean your carpets or spray them with area treatment spray to kill parasites. Spray your carpets by holding the spray about an arms-length from the carpet and spray until slightly damp. Do this with the entire carpet area.

Step 4

Plug in the steam cleaner and add cleaning solution to a steam cleaner to use it to kill parasites. Run the steam cleaner over the entire surface of the carpet. Start in the farthest corner of the room, away from the room entrance. Slowly make parallel runs down the carpet with the steam cleaner to ensure you cover every inch of the carpet. You will want to make two passes with the steam cleaner over the entire surface to make sure you kill all the parasites in the carpet.