How to Hang a Hammock Between Two Trees

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Things You'll Need

  • Drill

  • Screw hooks

  • S-hooks

  • Chain

  • Chain cutters

If you're lucky enough, beachside palm trees are ideal for hanging hammocks.

A hammock swinging between two trees is the epitome of lazy summers spent out of doors. If you have a new hammock to set up in the yard, you'll want to hang the hammock correctly so you and your family can enjoy it fully without mishap. One of the most important parts of properly setting up a hammock between two trees is to purchase hardware that has a working weight-bearing capacity greater than that of the heaviest person using the hammock.

Step 1

Locate two sturdy trees in the yard that have a diameter greater than 12 inches, with no signs of rot or cracking. The trees need to be 1 to 2 feet further apart than the length of your hammock.

Step 2

Drill a pilot hole around 3/16-inch wide, 5 feet up from the ground on the front of the trees. The holes should be positioned at the front where the hammock will hang so the hardware will not be twisted sideways when the hammock is hung between them.

Step 3

Insert a screw hook into each trunk through the pilot holes. Screw it in just until the hook portion touches the tree trunk.

Step 4

Attach an S-hook to each screw hook and the hanging loop on each end of the hammock.

Step 5

Attach the chain to the S-hooks on the tree trunks, then suspend the hammock between them by connecting the other end of the chain to the S-hooks on the hammock ends. There should be an equal amount of chain on each end. Trim excess chain with the chain cutters. As the hammock stretches after the first couple of uses, adjust the chain length as necessary to maintain proper hanging height.


"Avoid stretching your hammock too tightly as this greatly increases the load on the hardware and supports," warns the website Better Hammocks.


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