How to Build Your Own Floor Weaving Loom

While learning to weave is enjoyable for many, the price of purchasing a floor loom often is not. Make your own loom using basic supplies from the hardware store. Your homemade floor loom will also take up much less space than a manufactured loom and you can customize its size to fit in your space. If you can make a rectangle out of a wooden boards and operate a screwdriver or drill, you can make your own loom within an afternoon.

Weave at home with a DIY floor loom.

Step 1

Place the 30-inch and 48-inch-long pieces of wood on a flat surface. Arrange the wood to form a rectangle. Ensure the 48-inch pieces are on the right and left side and the 30-inch pieces on the top and bottom. The wood should look like a picture frame.

Step 2

Put a flat corner iron at each corner of the wood frame. Attach the corner irons to the wood using the screws and drill. There should be four holes in each corner iron for screws. Use three-quarter-inch screws so screw tips do not poke through the wood.

Step 3

Turn the frame over so the corner irons are on the other side against the floor. Measure in 2 inches from each side on the top and bottom of the loom. Attach a screw at each corner of the frame, 2 inches in from the sides. The screw should stick out about one-eighth-inch so you can wrap the yarn around.

Step 4

Attach more screws to the top and bottom of the loom frame. Space each screw about 1 inch apart. You want 26 screws on the top and on the bottom. The top screws should align with the bottom screws.

Step 5

Wrap the cotton yarn around the screws. Start on the bottom left. Wrap the end of the yarn around the first screw, then pull the string up to the screw on the top left. Wrap it around the top screw, then move over to the screw directly next to it and down to the second screw in from the left on the bottom. Keep the yarn as tight as you can. Keep wrapping the yarn around the screws, moving from the bottom to the top, across the width of the loom. The yarn will act as your warp thread, so you will need to replace it after each project.

Step 6

Center the bottom corners of the loom frame on the two 12-inch-long pieces of wood. Place the "L" brackets on each side of the frame, front and back. One part of the bracket should press against the 12-inch piece of wood and the other against the frame. Screw the brackets into place so the loom can stand upright.

Emily Weller

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