Is WD-40 Good for Cleaning Barbecue Grills?

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A clean barbecue grill ready to use.
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WD-40 is a brand of penetrating lubricant spray that is formulated for many uses around the house, including the removal of dried-on debris. According to the manufacturer, WD-40 can be used for cleaning a home barbecue grill if proper safety precautions are followed.


Allow the barbecue to cool completely, then remove the grill and set it on an old tarp or old newspaper. Spray a liberal amount of WD-40 on the grill and wipe it off using a dry cloth. If any baked-on food residue remains on the grill, spray additional WD-40 to the surface and scrape it off using a wire brush or a grill cleaning tool.


WD-40 is suitable for cleaning and protecting your grill during the winter months, and it also acts as a rust repellent. The manufacturer recommends spraying WD-40 on any of the barbecue unit's moving parts and coating its interior before seasonal storage. Always wash the grill again before using.


WD-40 is not safe for human consumption. Before cooking with your grill again, wash the grill with warm water and a grease-cutting dish soap. Rinse with additional warm water to remove all traces of the spray lubricant.


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