How to Wash Iron-on Transfers

Iron-on transfers create interesting or personalized clothing and textile home decor items. However, without the proper care during laundering, these items can start to crack, fade and peel over time. Keep iron-on transfers in good condition by following very specific yet simple laundering instructions. If the item is intended as a gift, pass along the care instructions to the recipient, to ensure the longevity of the piece. Though hand-washing is always preferred, follow instructions below for the washing machine method.


Turn the item inside that the transfer is on the inside of the garment.

Set the washing machine to a gentle or delicate cycle, using cold water. Wash items with iron-on transfers alone or with only a few other delicate or similar, light colored items. Leave out heavy knits or jeans, which might damage the transfer. Avoid washing dark colors with light colors, as reds and blues may bleed onto the lighter material or onto the transfer.

Take the item out of the washer immediately when the final cycle completes and hang it up to air dry or lay it flat. Do not place an item with an iron-on transfer in the dryer, because the heat will damage the transfer.