How to Fix a Water Cooler Spout

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You can repair a water cooler spout.

A water cooler is one of the most important appliances in an office or home. Not only does it store drinking water, it also provides water that can be used to cook or for coffee. A water cooler with a broken spout can be a terrible headache. A broken spout will leave a water cooler inoperable and perhaps leaking, resulting in a great deal of inconvenience for the owner. Fortunately, a broken spout can be replaced quickly and easily.


Step 1

Remove the water bottle from the cooler if it is not empty. Remove the broken or cracked water cooler spout assembly by turning it counter-clockwise until it loosens and can be removed.

Step 2

Screw the new water cooler spout into the water cooler, gently turning the spout clockwise until it is tight. Do not force the spout to turn too tightly or you may risk cracking it. You can get a new spout by ordering one from the company where you bought the cooler or from a store that sells water coolers.

Step 3

Make sure the tab for turning on the spout is secured well by turning it around clockwise until it becomes tight. A loose spout or spout tab can result in dripping.


A leaky water cooler can be caused by a loose spout or spout tab. Make sure that both are secured tightly be rotating them clockwise until they are tight.

A ruptured water bottle can also be the cause of a leaky water cooler.



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