How to Load the String Into a Ryobi SS30

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Things You'll Need

  • .095-inch diameter trimmer string

  • Scissors

Load new string in a Ryobi SS30 trimmer for cutting grass around a yard.

The Ryobi SS30 is powered by a 2-cycle gasoline engine. The SS30 uses small diameter nylon trimmer string suited for cutting grass and weeds in areas around a lawn or landscape. The nylon trimmer string becomes worn and frayed over time with normal use. Replacing the string involves removing the line spool from the trimmer head so that you can install new string.

Step 1

Remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug on the SS30 engine to prevent accidental starting while replacing the trimmer string.

Step 2

Grasp the trimmer head with one hand and the spool with the other. Turn the spool clockwise and pull straight out to free the spool from the trimmer head. Hold the spring on the back of the spool in place and note how it is positioned on the spool.

Step 3

Remove any old trimmer string from the spool and discard it.

Step 4

Cut two 9-foot lengths of .095-inch diameter trimmer string from a filler spool with scissors.

Step 5

Insert the end of one 9-foot length of string into the retaining hole in the upper part of the spool. Wrap the string counterclockwise until 6-inches of string extends from the spool. Secure the string in the retaining clip on the side of the spool.

Step 6

Install the second 9-foot length of string on the lower half of the spool. Insert the end of the line into the retaining hole and wrap counterclockwise around the spool. Secure the last 6 inches in the clip on the side of the spool.

Step 7

Position the spring on the back of the spool and feed the extending ends of the trimmer line through the holes in the trimmer head. Insert the spool into the trimmer head and turn to the left to secure. Pull the ends of both lines at the same time to free them from the clips in preparation for use. Reconnect the spark plug wire to the spark plug for use.


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