How to Drill a Hole in Cultured Marble

Cultured marble isn't a natural stone, like granite or marble. Those tough stones require special drill bits, but because cultured marble is a mix of fiberglass, resin and limestone, it only requires a standard drill bit. It is often cast in molds to form counter tops for the bathroom or kitchen, as well as shower stalls. Drill holes in cultured marble to make space for a faucet or light fixture.

Cultured marble looks like real marble.

Step 1

Measure the diameter the hole needs to be, such as the diameter of the faucet pipe. Measure to find the correct location for the hole.

Step 2

Place a piece of tape over the hole's location, and mark it with a pencil. Tape is easier to write on than cultured marble, and it will help steady the drill as you begin cutting.

Step 3

Put on your safety goggles and ear protection. Attach the correct size of drill bit to your power drill.

Step 4

Place the drill bit on the mark on the tape. Hold the drill firmly at a 90-degree angle to the cultured marble to prevent chipping and cracking. Lightly pull the drill's trigger to begin cutting into the cultured marble.

Step 5

Increase the pressure on the drill's trigger as necessary to drill the hole through the marble. Spray water from the spray bottle onto the drill bit at regular intervals to keep the bit and cultured marble cool and to reduce dust.

Step 6

Wipe the cultured marble surface clean with a rag to remove leftover water and dust.