How to Estimate Commercial Concrete Work

Concrete supports our houses, holds up our walls and provides the roadway for our cars. Concrete work is typically performed by a contractor. Contractors estimate the work cost by the total area and volume of the intended concrete space. Contractors are happy to provide estimates for you, though a few simple calculations can provide a quick estimate for your concrete project without the need for a contractor.

Concrete estimation is primarily done by square feet and cubic yards.

Step 1

Measure the area you wish to fill with concrete. Multiply the width by the height to determine the area in square feet. Multiply the square feet by the intended thickness of the concrete in feet to determine the cubic feet of concrete. Divide the cubic feet by 27 to convert to cubic yards.

Step 2

Multiply the cubic yards by 12 to determine the total cost for a gravel base.

Step 3

Multiply the square feet by 0.1 to determine the total cost for concrete reinforcements such as rebar or mesh.

Step 4

Multiply the cubic cards by 70 to determine the total cost of the concrete.

Step 5

Add all the costs and add the number of square feet. This accounts for a $1 per square foot labor cost.