When it's time to replace your toilet, the best way to dispose of it is to recycle it. You have a number of creative ways to do that yourself, and many community waste disposal programs recycle the porcelain. For example, some coastal communities use them to provide a base for renewing local reefs. Some waste facilities will pick up your toilet for a fee.

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Toilet and toilet paper.

Disposal in a Waste Facility

The porcelain from the bowl and tank is useful filler for concrete for roads and sidewalks, and many waste facilities recycle it. If toilet pick-up isn't available in your community, and you have to transport it yourself, remove all the non-porcelain parts, including the seat and the valves from inside the tank, and detach the tank from the bowl to make transportation easier. Some communities require you to break the porcelain to prevent the toilet from being reused. You can do this with a hammer, but wear goggles and gloves for protection from flying chips.

Recycling Ideas

Both the bowl and tank have built-in drainage that makes them suitable for planters. They are more stable when you separate them. When fitted with a grille, the bowl makes a low-budget barbecue that is sure to be a conversation-starter. You can also fit the bowl with a decorative seat and use it as a chair. This works best if you bolt it to board or a sheet of plywood to keep it from tipping over.