How to Clean Polyurethane Wood Furniture

Much of the wood furniture on the market is coated with a gloss or semi-gloss protective polyurethane finish, which not only gives an attractive look to the furniture but also provides a sealed surface that is easy to clean and maintain. The main issue you must consider is the cleaning solution itself, as you want to use something that will not eat away at the finish, and you also should use cleansers that leave behind no cloudy residue, which is often a problem with commercial furniture cleaning products.

Clean finished wood furniture with furniture polish.

Step 1

Spray a mist of furniture polish onto a cleaning rag and wipe over the furniture, rubbing with the wood grain. Allow to air dry.

Step 2

Mix a homemade cleaner if you prefer, combining 2 cups water, 1/2 tsp. dish soap and about 1/4 cup baking soda if you need a deodorizing element.

Step 3

Spray the mixture onto a clean rag, and again wipe over the wood furniture following the direction of the wood grain. Allow to air dry.