How to Thread and Fill the Bobbin on a Shark by Euro-Pro Sewing Machine

Euro-Pro Shark sewing machines feature many stitches useful for both home and garment sewing, such as blind hemming, overlock stitching and an automatic buttonhole feature. Different models may have a computerized LCD programming face, while more inexpensive models have turning dials that easily adjust the width for zigzag stitches. No matter which model of Euro-Pro Shark sewing machine you own, the first step to sewing is loading up the bobbin. Threading and filling up a bobbin properly will prevent thread jams during stitching.

Threading a bobbin is the first step in sewing with a Shark sewing machine.

Step 1

Pull up the spoon pin up until it clicks into place. Place a spool of thread on top, and press down on the spool so it rests on the base of the spool pin.

Step 2

Thread the end of the spool through the bobbin winder thread guide on top of the sewing machine. Insert the end of the thread through one of the holes surrounding the sides of the bobbin. Holding the bobbin in one hand, wind the thread clockwise around the bobbin to hold the end of the thread in place.

Step 3

Place the bobbin on the bobbin winder spindle just in front of the spool of thread, and press the spindle to the right to engage the bobbin winder mechanism. It will snap into place.

Step 4

Hold the handwheel, and pull gently outward to activate the bobbin winding when you press the foot pedal.

Step 5

Engage the foot pedal to begin the bobbin winding, and continue until the bobbin is full; the machine will stop automatically. Remove the bobbin from the bobbin winder spindle and snip the thread from the spool. Press the handwheel back into place.

Step 6

Open the hook cover area to the bobbin case. Pull the hinged latch to remove the bobbin case and place the fully wound bobbin inside, with the thread going clockwise. Pull the end of the thread and wind it through the slot on the side, under the tension spring, and through the delivery eye. Make sure about four inches of thread is out from the bobbin case so the needle may pick it up.

Step 7

Place the bobbin case into the shuttle race, aligning the metal finger of the bobbin case into the top slot. Close the bobbin area cover. The bobbin is ready for sewing.