How to Clean Faux Shearling

Faux shearling is a material that mimics sheepskin or lambskin. Jackets and boots are the two most popular items made from faux shearling. Shearling has the ability to wick away moisture, which makes it a comfortable choice for clothing. This material, although good at repelling water, can become dirty with regular wear and tear. Faux shearling, like real shearling, is a delicate material that needs proper care.

Use special care when cleaning fake sheepskin shearling garments.


Step 1

Machine wash your faux shearling on a delicate cycle with cool water. Do not turn the garment inside out when washing. This only applies to machine washable faux shearling. If the care instructions of your garment state dry-clean only, take your item to a dry cleaner. Washing your garment could permanently damage the fabric.

Step 2

Add a mild detergent to the wash cycle.

Step 3

Tumble-dry on a low setting or hang dry your faux shearling depending on the care instructions on the label.


Step 4

Add a few drops of mild detergent to a dampened cloth.

Step 5

Wipe down the surface of the faux shearling boots with the dampened cloth to remove any dirt.

Step 6

Set the boots out to air dry. Do not stick boots in the dryer as this can permanently damage the size of the boot.