How to Disarm a Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System

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A hood fire suppression system prevents fires from spreading into the dining room.

Kitchen hood fire suppression systems protect a facility from a fire breaking out when employees are cooking, especially when cooking grease-laden foods. In most local counties, the fire marshal requires any facility performing cooking operations that result in grease-laden vapors to install a hood suppression system. Most hood suppression systems can be disarmed easily in a couple of minutes without the use of tools. It is crucial for the safety of the facility that the fire suppression system is enabled again.

Step 1

Open the control panel of the hood suppression system. Select the disable button to disarm the hood suppression system for a limited time before it comes back on. The time for which it will be disabled will be stated in the control panel, usually written on the door of the panel.

Step 2

Identify whether your hood suppression system uses water or fire suppressant liquid. Look around the kitchen hood until you find a label that will identify how the system works. If you need more time than the disable button gives you, disable the suppression system manually.

Step 3

Turn off the water to the fire suppression system. Look underneath the kitchen hood. You should see a water valve. Turn off the water valve off. This process will disable the water. Your kitchen hood fire suppression system will be disabled.

Step 4

Turn off the fuel shut-off valve, if your system uses fire suppressant liquid. Look underneath the kitchen hood for the valve. If you cannot find the valve there, follow the piping from the kitchen hood until you find the suppressant liquid holding tank. The holding tank will have a shut-off valve. Turn it to disarm the suppression system.


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