Beehives are a wonder of nature. By working together in a hive, bees produce honey. While bees can be enjoyable to watch, they can also be dangerous, especially if children are present. Bee stings hurt, and they can cause swelling or even be deadly to someone who is allergic to bee stings. If you see bees flying around your home, you must find the hive and consider having it destroyed.

A bee hive is where bees live and produce honey.

Step 1

Look for bees flying in the vicinity of your home. Follow a bee to see where it lands. It might just be collecting nectar from nearby flowers, but it might lead you to its hive.

Step 2

Look inside the holes or hollow areas of trees, and up high in the trees.

Step 3

Look inside any barn or shack on your property or nearby.

Step 4

Check under ledges such as a porch or a barbecue grill.