How to Live Really Cheaply in a Travel Trailer

With the spiraling cost of living, many people are looking for housing alternatives such as living in camper vans and travel trailers. Living off the land without paying utility companies for their services and providing for yourself may not be as difficult as it sounds. Landowners rent out plots cheaply for the use of trailers. Green living is friendly for the environment and a healthy eating option. You can produce homemade products and food that will not cost much money.

Living in a travel trailer will cut utility costs.

Step 1

Grow your own fruit and vegetables. A vegetable and fruit garden will save money on grocery bills. Plant the seeds in arable land and watch your vegetable patch grow. Organic food tastes better and is also healthier.

Step 2

Cook multiple meals at a time to cut down on gas. Cooking meals and storing them for later will be more energy efficient and save gas.

Step 3

Make your own laundry detergent with household products. Mix 2 tbsp. baking soda, 1 bar grated soap, 1/2 cup borax with hot water in a five-gallon bucket. Wash clothes by hand in the bucket.

Step 4

Buy only essential items. Ask yourself if you really need a bag of candy, fast food or fizzy soda.

Step 5

Shop for clothes in the charity store. Often, discarded garments are not damaged or threadbare and some are brand-named clothing which would cost a lot more when new.