How to Keep Centipedes Away With Common Household Chemicals

Centipedes enter the household in order to feast upon smaller insects, such as cockroaches and spiders. Although their appearance is alarming, centipedes do not typically bite humans. Fortunately, centipedes do not invade homes in large numbers, but enter individually through cracks and other small house openings. Boric acid, or sodium borate, mined from the Mojave Desert, serves common household cleaning, craft and health uses. Found in many grocery store cleaning product aisles, boric acid acts as a centipede repellent because it desiccates the centipedes' bodies as they crawl across it.

Centipedes enter households in order to eat other bugs.

Step 1

Rake the perimeter of your house to clear it of leaves and mulch 6 feet out from the exterior of the house. Centipedes are less likely to enter a home without the cover of debris to protect them from predators and without necessary moisture that leaves and mulch harbor.

Step 2

Sprinkle a 6-foot band of boric acid with gloved hands around the perimeter of your home and 3 feet up the exterior walls. Additionally, sprinkle boric acid in areas inside the home where centipedes hide.

Step 3

Replace the boric acid perimeter after every rain.

Darci Pauser

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