How to Move Large Landscaping Rocks

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Things You'll Need

  • Chain

  • Ratcheting lever hoist

  • Chain with a hook on the end (should be supplied with the lever hoist)

  • Heavy blankets or furniture pads

Move large rocks around with ease.

Large rocks are often included in landscaping projects to give a yard more visual appeal. If your rocks have been delivered and are just sitting in a heap, you now face the challenge of moving them into position. A device that makes this job much easier is a ratcheting lever hoist, which is capable of lifting and dragging loads of up to 3 tons. It can easily drag large landscaping rocks wherever you want them to go.


Step 1

Wrap a chain around a sturdy tree or other sturdy anchor. It must be able to withstand hundreds or possibly thousands of pounds of pull.

Step 2

Attach the lever hoist's hook to the wrapped chain.

Step 3

Wrap the hook end of the lever hoist's chain around the rock a few times before securing the hook into the chain.

Step 4

Pull the other end of the chain through the ratcheting lever hoist. Pull the chain taut.


Step 5

Place several heavy blankets or furniture pads over the chain. This will minimize the snap-back if the chain breaks.

Step 6

Set the ratcheting lever hoist to the "raise" or "up" position.

Step 7

Rock the handle back and forth to ratchet the chain. With every pump the rock will be dragged an inch or two closer to the anchor. Because the mechanics of the ratcheting lever hoist do all of the work, only moderate effort is needed to move the handle.

Step 8

Remove the chains when the rock reaches its destination.


This technique of moving large rocks will leave deep grooves in the ground and should be done before major landscaping work begins so the damage can be repaired.


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