How to Keep Rats Out of Your Mobile Home

Mobile home owners often find that their homes are susceptible to pests like mice and rats. Rats in your mobile home can lead to property damage by gnawing holes in your walls, living inside your insulation and chewing through electrical wiring. Rats also carry diseases and parasites that can be harmful to your family and pets. Fortunately, it is possible to safely remove rats from your mobile home and prevent them from coming back.

Rats often chew through wiring in your mobile home, causing property damage.

Step 1

Cut off the rats' food supply by keeping the property surrounding your mobile home free of open trash containers. Feed your pets during the day when rats are not active and empty pet food bowls when they are not in use. If you have a garden or fruit- bearing tree on your property, be sure to pick any vegetation as it becomes ripened and remove fallen fruit from the ground.

Step 2

Inspect the interior and exterior of your mobile home for holes and cracks that rats may be using to get inside. Any hole roughly the size of a quarter or larger can be a rat entrance. Plug any holes with steel wool or block the holes by attaching ¼-inch 18 gauge wire hardware cloth with a staple gun or hammer.

Spring-loaded traps work best for the interior of your mobile home.

Place spring-loaded rat traps inside your mobile home near any rat holes or in areas where rat droppings have been discovered. Bait these traps using peanut butter or whatever food the rat may have been eating previously. Keep the traps tied down to ensure stability and check the traps regularly.

Step 4

Use rat poison outside of the home only. Place rat poison in bait stations so that pets and children cannot be harmed and place these bait stations in possible rat habitats. Check these areas for dead rats frequently and place the bodies inside plastic bags before disposing of them.

Step 5

Eliminate rat habitats outside of your house such as brush and wood piles, garbage and debris or any lush vegetation. Rats prefer darkness, so trim your bushes and other vegetative areas around your mobile home to allow more sunlight inside and eliminate any hiding spots. Keep any trees or vines at least four feet away from the roof of your mobile home so that rats cannot enter from above.

Step 6

Hire an exterminator if you still have difficulties getting rid of rats in your mobile home or if the infestation is too large for you to handle by yourself.