How to Engrave Tile With a Dremel

An engraved tile will deliver a long-lasting testament to a significant occasion or provide a memorial to a special person. A small rotary hand-held drill that the Dremel company makes will engrave the tile with the desired lettering or an uncomplicated pattern with ease, after some practice on some preliminary tiles. The plug-in version of the Dremel drill has a stronger motor than the Dremel's cordless drill model and is better suited for tile engraving.

Tile can be engraved with a Dremel drill.

Step 1

Draw lettering or an image on the tile with the soft pencil.

Step 2

Put on the safety glasses. Insert the silicon carbon bit in the Dremel drill by loosening the chuck. Tighten the chuck firmly.

Step 3

Turn on the drill and hold the drill like you would hold a pencil. Engrave over the pencil lines.

Step 4

Pass over the pencil lines with the drill several times to achieve the engraving depth desired.