A noisy ceiling fan can disrupt peace and quiet throughout the home. Many things can cause a noisy ceiling fan, but more often than not, fans suddenly begin making noise due to balance issues. As a fan spins over time, its blades often become off-balance, leading to squeaking or shaking noises. When approaching a noisy fan, try the simplest solutions first. If they don't work, move on to more complex solutions.

A noisy fan can add even more stress to a hot day.


Step 1

Turn off the fan and wait for it to come to a complete stop.

Step 2

Tighten the screws that secure the blades to the fan's housing and motor using a screwdriver and stepladder. Most fans require a Philips-head screwdriver.

Step 3

Check all screws on the fan's mounting device and housing. Tighten these screws as well.

Step 4

Restart the fain and listen for noise. If it is still noisy, try balancing the fan's blades.


Step 5

Turn off the fan and wait for it to come to a complete stop.

Step 6

Measure the distance from the tip of each blade to the ceiling with a measuring tape. An irregular measurement indicates a bent blade, which may lead to noisy fan operation.

Step 7

Bend any bent blades back into place by hand.

Step 8

Restart the fan. If the sounds have stopped, you've successfully quieted your noisy fan. Otherwise, consider buying and using a fan balancing kit.

Balancing Kit

Step 9

Purchase a fan balancing kit from your local hardware store. These kits include a movable weighted clip and adhesive weights.

Step 10

Turn off the fan and wait for it to come to a complete stop.

Step 11

Try attaching the weight clip to one blade.

Step 12

Turn on the fan to see if the weight clip has made any difference in the fan's noise output.

Step 13

Try the weight on various blades until you find the blade that is the source of the noise. You may have to slide the clip up and down the blade to find the right spot.

Step 14

Remove the clip from the noisy blade and place an adhesive weight on the spot where the clip was.

Step 15

Test the fan and add additional adhesive weights until the noise ceases.