How to Thread a Pfaff Sewing Machine

Thread your Pfaff Hobby 1000 series sewing machine properly and avoid many common sewing problems. When a machine is threaded wrong, the thread collects in a tangled mess on the underside of the fabric. Such knots can break your needle or even bend the shank of your pressure foot. A bad knot will tear a hole in your fabric when it is removed from the machine. A properly threaded machine runs smoothly and produces even stitches.

Use new thread; old thread will break.

Step 1

Turn off the machine. Raise the pressure foot and turn the fly-wheel on the right side of the machine until the needle is in the highest position.

Step 2

Pull the spindle on the right side of the top of the machine up to its full height and place the spool of thread on it. If there is a notch in the rim of the spool place that rim down.

Step 3

Pull the thread to the right through the metal thread guide on top of the machine and down through the right thread slot that is directly below it. Pull it straight down so that it goes between the tension discs in this slot.

Step 4

Bring the thread up through the left thread slot and thread it through the take-up lever which is directly above it.

Step 5

Bring the thread back down through the left thread slot and behind the thread guide just below it.

Step 6

Put the thread through the thread guide on the pressure foot and thread the needle from front to back.

Step 7

Open the bobbin compartment and remove the bobbin case by lifting the metal flap and pulling it straight toward you. Hold the flap in your left hand and insert a full bobbin into the case. The thread on the bobbin should be going clockwise when viewed from the right side.

Step 8

Pull the bobbin thread through the slot in the bobbin case and insert the case in the machine. Close the bobbin compartment.

Step 9

Lower the needle to pull up a loop of bobbin thread. Pull both the top thread and the bobbin thread to the back of the machine behind the needle.