How to Wire a Two Gang Box

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 outlets

  • Screwdriver

  • Wire cutter

  • Black wire

  • White wire

  • Green wire

  • Cover plate

The two-gang box secures the outlets or switches in place.

Two-gang electrical boxes are electrical boxes that allow you to fit two outlets or two light switches in them. The electrical boxes are made of either PVC or steel. The steel boxes have the advantage of being self grounding and do not require a grounding wire. The depth and variety of the two-gang boxes will vary depending on where they are being installed.


Step 1

Connect the first outlet in the box. Connect the live black wire into one the golden screws of the outlet, connect the white wire into one of the silver screws of the outlet. Secure both wires with the screwdriver. The wires in this step are the existing wires that bring the electricity into the box.

Step 2

Cut the black, white and green wires into 6-inch pieces. Use your wire cutter to cut them. Ensure to not damage the wire when you cut it, make sure you cut the wire all the way in one squeeze of the wire cutter.

Step 3

Strip off one inch off each end of the black, white and green wire. Use your wire cutter to strip the ends off; insert the wire in the hole of the stripper and pull it off.


Step 4

Connect one end of the black wire to the other golden screw left on the outlet. Connect one end of the white cable to the silver screw left on the outlet. Connect one end of the green wire to the green screw on the outlet. Secure the wires in place with the screwdriver. These wires are now jumper wires that will bring the electricity to the next outlet.

Step 5

Connect the jumper wires by color into the appropriate screws of the new outlet. Black cable goes into the golden screw, white cable into the silver screw and green cable into the green screw. Secure all cables with the screwdriver.

Step 6

Push in both outlets into the two-gang box and secure it in place with the screwdriver. Place the cover plate on and tighten the cover plate screws.



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