How to Get Rid of Bats in One Day

Bats in your house can be a serious problem, as apart from their unwanted presence, they may be carriers of the rabies virus. In addition, bat guano contains H-capsulatum spores, which when inhaled by humans can cause severe respiratory diseases. Whether you must deal with one or two bats or you have a whole colony in your house, there are some steps that will allow you to get rid of bats in only one day.

Remove bats from your house in one day.

Step 1

Protect yourself. Bites from bats carrying rabies will have you searching for expensive post-exposure rabies vaccines. Wear working gloves and thick clothes. A jumpsuit similar to NASCAR racers' suits will be ideal. If you're dealing with a whole colony of bats, wear a respirator to avoid inhaling spores of bat guano.

Step 2

Secure the house rooms one by one. Search for bats in each room and when they are clear, seal entry to the room. Just closing the door might not be enough, as there might be a small space between the floor and the door. In that case, securely close the hole with a piece of cloth. Make sure the bat or bats have been trapped in one room of your house, with a big window for them to escape.

Step 3

Capture the bats if there are no more than three. Use an old shoebox to trap a bat on the wall or ceiling and then carefully slide a thick envelope or piece of cardboard under it to confine the bat. Release the bat outside the house.

Step 4

Use a tennis racket to disturb the bat colony and wave them towards the open space they used to enter the house. Colonies are mostly situated in attics, with bats entering through an unscreened opening. Be careful not to injure any bat; you just want to drive them to the exit.

Step 5

Use bat screening to seal windows, vents or other openings in order to prevent future entry to your house. This is an easy-to-bend plastic mesh screen, which you have to apply on every house window (especially in the attic), as well as on ventilation openings. This is the most important step, and if done properly it will ensure bats won't be able to enter your house again.

Step 6

Search for openings in the corners of the attic and the house rooms, as well as gaps between the exterior wooden walls and the ground. Close cracks or other small openings inside the house firmly with rags and holes outside with mud.