How to Install Steel Siding on a Pole Barn

Steel siding can be installed on a pole barn to seal off the barn's interior from the elements. This metal is the same type that is used for the roof of the barn. Over the years, the methods for attaching metal siding to pole barns have improved so that the average do-it-yourselfer can do the job to save money. You can expect to complete this project in one to two days, depending on the size and scope of the project.


Step 1

Install treated 2 x 6 lumber horizontally onto the sides of the barn. Pole barns are structurally supported by poles that are spaced 6 to 8 feet apart. Place the 2 x 6s along the outside of these poles, beginning 6 inches from the bottom. Space the remaining lumber up along the poles until you reach the top of the barn wall. Space the lumber 24 to 48 inches apart, making sure the lumber is installed around the entire outside perimeter of the barn. Use 3-inch screws to attach the treated 2 x 6s to the barn poles.

Step 2

Place the first sheet of steel roofing onto the wall beginning at one corner of the barn's exterior wall. The sheet should lie across the horizontal lumber installed earlier, standing vertical. Align the bottom of the sheet with the bottom of the first 2 x 6 board and attach with 1-inch metal screws. Space the screws about 12 inches apart horizontally and at intervals that correspond with the spacing of the preinstalled 2 x 6 boards. Place one self-tapping screw in the bottom left corner of the first sheet, plumb the sheet with a 4-foot level, and install the remaining screws into the sheet.

Step 3

Install the subsequent steel sheets onto the pole barn wall by overlapping the sheet ridges at the edge. These ridges are created to channel water off of the steel sheeting. However, they are also used as interlocking members for connecting the sheets together along an installation.

Step 4

Attach metal corners onto the barn corners to cover up the sharp edges of the installed metal. Attach the corners using 1-inch metal screws. These metal corners can be purchased along with the steel siding to color-match the siding. The screws must be inserted on each side of the corner about 1 inch off the edge. Begin 6 inches off the bottom of the corner trim and space the screws 12 inches apart.

Billy McCarley

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