How to Scotchgard a Sofa

A proprietary and trademarked formula made by 3M, Scotchgard adds a protective coating to upholstery and carpets to help them resist staining and soiling. Dirt and debris wear down this coating with age, so you must add the protectant to your couch if you've recently cleaned it. Do not apply the product to a dirty couch or one that has specific care labels advising against it.

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If your dog sleeps on your couch, you can protect it with Scotchgard instead of towels.

Spray Can Application

Step 1

Apply the fabric protectant to the sofa only after a thorough cleaning. If the fabric is already clean, lightly vacuum it to remove any dust and debris.

Step 2

Hold the spray can at least 6 to 8 inches from the fabric. Press the applicator button and lightly coat the fabric, moving the can from side to side as you spray. Following a specific spray pattern helps you remember the areas you've already sprayed. Work from right to left, spraying the back, the arms, cushions and front area of the couch. The fabric should be lightly damp, not wet. Spray the back of the couch even if it sits against a wall, as this helps keep dust and dirt from settling into the fabric.

Step 3

Brush napped fabrics, such as velvet or corduroy, with a soft-bristled brush after spraying, and let dry.

Step 4

Wait at least one to two hours before applying a second coat of Scotchgard. Drying time depends on your region's weather conditions, but generally it takes an hour or two to dry in warm weather. Allow the fabric to thoroughly dry to the touch before you sit on the couch.

Commercial Product Application

Step 5

Mix the commercial solution in a 1-to-4 ratio, using 1 part of the protectant to 4 parts of warm water in a bucket. The commercial product may be less a costly choice if you have children or pets and annually clean your carpets and upholstery, because Scotchgard comes off during cleaning and needs to be reapplied.

Step 6

Pour the thoroughly mixed solution into a professional sprayer equipped with a 5001 brass spray tip.

Step 7

Spray the product across the couch in a uniform manner, working from right to left, to ensure you cover it thoroughly until the fabric is damp to the touch.

Step 8

Apply a soft-bristled brush dipped in the solution to a couch that has a napped fabric, such as velvet.

Step 9

Let the couch dry, usually for about 60 minutes, before applying a second coat. The couch can be used when the fabric is totally dry to the touch, which depends on the weather conditions in your area.