Assembly Instructions for Little Folks Crib

Little Folks is a double drop-side crib from the Simmons baby furniture line. This crib provides comfort, style and convenience for both parent and child, and includes a drop-side rail which makes it easy to get your little one in and out of the crib. As with other cribs, correct assembly is vital to prevent injuries, and missing or lost instructions can make this very difficult. These instructions for the Simmons Little Folks Crib and should be read carefully before crib assembly.

Proper crib assembly is important for safety

Step 1

Take inventory of all pieces and tools. Lay them out and have them within reach.

Step 2

Hold the stabilizing bar with the catch lever down and toward the inside of the crib, then slip the keyhole slots over the screws on the stabilizing bar bracket -- the stabilizing bar bracket is attached to the crib corner posts. Position the bar, aligning the bracket screws over the small part of the keyhole. Tighten the screws with the screwdriver. Attach the second stabilizing bar to the same end, then repeat these steps for the other ends of the bars -- this is done on the opposite end of the crib.

Step 3

Insert the end of the support handles into the spring clips on each end of the crib spring. Using the hammer, drive the notched end of the handle into the clip until it pushes through. Then place the spring into the crib, making sure to place each support handle into the same level hook on the corner post. Ensure that the crib spring is level.

Step 4

Apply a small amount of soap or wax to the drop rods to prevent squeaking. Using the metal screws, attach two gate shoes, with a screwdriver, to the pre-drilled holes on the drop-sides bottom rail; tighten firmly.

Step 5

Insert drop-side rod. First, hold the drop-side with gate shoes facing the inside of the crib. Then insert the the drop-side rod by following the manufacturer's instruction sequence: "Top rail of drop-side, post bracket hole, small end of short conical spring, bottom rail of drop-side, long bumper spring, lower post bracket." Now, insert the hexagon head bolt through the hole on the drop-side rod and into the threaded sleeve of the corner post. Use the wrench to tighten the bolts into place. Repeat this for the remaining three drop-side rods.

Step 6

Insert the casters. Push the pegs into the holes at the bottom of the corner posts -- this is done for all four casters. Press firmly until you hear a snap. Test the casters to make sure they turn easily.