How to Change the Oil in a Powermate Generator

Regular maintenance for a generator is as important as maintenance on any other type of engine. Keeping up with regular oil changes is one way to insure the generator will last for a long time. Typically, generators should have their oil changed every 40 hours of operation. Keeping a log of how often the generator was run and for how long will help to plan when to change the oil in a Powermate Generator.

Generators are marked by hours run for maintenance.

Step 1

Start the generator and let it reach operating temperature. Shut the generator off.

Step 2

Remove the oil fill cap from the engine block. The cap is marked with the word "Oil" and is located on the side opposite the generator control panel.

Step 3

Slide a pan under the the oil pan at the bottom of the generator engine. The oil pan is a smooth "pan" that is bolted to the bottom of the engine with a drain bolt set in the center. Make sure the drain pan is centered on the drain bolt on the oil pan.

Step 4

Remove the drain bolt with a socket set and let the oil drain out of the engine. When no more oil comes out of the engine, replace the drain bolt.

Step 5

Pour in 1 quart of motor oil into the engine through the oil fill hole. Replace the oil fill cap and start the engine. Let the engine run for a minute to move the oil through the block and turn the engine off.