How to Keep Spiders Off of the Siding on a House

Arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders, affects many people. While most spiders are harmless, people still fear them and do not want them around. Spiders can cling to almost anything, thanks to tiny, hair-like fibers on their legs. This ability allows spiders to climb up even the slickest surfaces, such as the siding on your house. Keeping spiders off your siding helps reduce the number of spiders inside your home.

Keeping spiders off your siding helps keep them out of your house, too.

Step 1

Brush spider webs away from the siding and eaves around all the sides of the house. Removing spider webs eliminates the existing spiders climbing on your siding and makes it more difficult for new spiders to gain a foothold.

Step 2

Spray the upper siding and edges around the roof with a garden hose to wash away any webs that are out of reach. A quick spray with the hose also washes away the insects on which spiders feed.

Step 3

Pour an arachnid-killing insecticide into a garden sprayer, and apply the insecticide from the top edge of the siding down to the ground. Recoat the siding once a week, or as often as necessary to deter resident spiders.

Step 4

Seal cracks or gaps in the siding with outdoor sealant. Fit the sealant into a caulk gun, and fill each crack. Press the sealant into the crack with your finger, smoothing it down to completely fill any gaps.