How to Prevent Mold on a Loofah Sponge

The loofah, a natural sponge that comes from the pod of a sub-tropical plant that's related to the pumpkin, is one of the most popular items for the shower. It cleans and exfoliates more deeply than a washcloth and can be left in its long natural shape or cut and attached to a wood handle to clean hard-to-reach areas. However, loofahs can become a haven for mold if not properly maintained. By taking preventative measures, a loofah can last for hundreds of showers or baths.

Take care of your loofah to prevent mold.

Step 1

Shake the loofah out vigorously after use, removing as much of the water from the fibers as possible.

Step 2

Lay the loofah on a soap dish with ventilation, such as a dish made of wire or one with holes on the surface. Place the dish outside of the shower or even in a dry room like the bedroom. Alternatively, if the loofah has a hanger, hang it on a hook outside of the shower to allow it to dry completely.

Step 3

Soak the loofah periodically to keep it clean and free of mold. Mix 1 tbsp. baking soda and 1 tbsp. white vinegar per cup of water and add to a bowl with the loofah. After an hour, rinse the loofah thoroughly and dry as usual.

Daisy Cuinn

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