How to Get Rid of Small Brown Seed Ticks in the Bed

Seed ticks are the larval form of adult ticks. They look just like adult ticks, only smaller. Just like the adults, they suck blood by burying their mouthparts into the skin of their host, leaving painful, itchy bites. Ticks can't fly or jump like mosquitoes or fleas. They lie in wait in tall grasses or bushes and wait for a host to pass by. Seed ticks sometimes attack in numbers, swarming up the host's legs. Seed ticks have not had a blood meal, so they don't usually carry the same diseases as adults.

Seed ticks suck blood like the adults.

Step 1

Remove bedding such as sheets and covers from the bed.

Step 2

Wash the bedding in hot, soapy water to kill any ticks hiding in the folds.

Step 3

Place the bedding in a plastic garbage bag and freeze it for several days if you plan on discarding it. This will kill any ticks in the bedding and prevent them from spreading.

Step 4

Contact a pest control company to remove any ticks that may be infesting the room. Ticks can hide in carpeting and in crevices.