How to Kill Mice in a House With No Smell

Mice get into homes through small openings such as vents or pipes. Once in the home, it is important to kill and get rid of the mice quickly. According to the New Mexico State Health Department, female house mice can have from 25 to 60 baby mice in a year. The problem does not stop at infestation, but continues to the risk of diseases. Killing the mice is the only way to get rid of them permanently, but many poisons can cause the mice to die in inconvenient locations, which results in a stench throughout the home. There are ways to kill the mice and remove them before a smell sets in.

Mice can bring sickness and disease into a home.

Step 1

Clean the house thoroughly. Keeping a house clean and free of crumbs from food can minimize mouse infestations because there is nothing for the mice to eat. The New Mexico State Health Department points out that mice have keen senses, so they can smell foods, and the smell attracts them to the home. Minimizing the potential attraction will avoid several mice moving into the home. Close any potential entrances, such as leaky pipes or broken vent covers, as soon as possible.

Step 2

Set up snap traps. Snap traps are available in hardware stores and grocery stores around the country. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, setting the traps so the trigger is sensitive and easily sprung is important to setting the trap. Pull the metal bar backward until it catches and holds.

Step 3

Bait the trap. Add peanut butter to the trap as bait. The smell of the peanut butter attracts the mice to the trap. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, the traps are best placed near the walls and in dark corners where there is evidence of mice. Place the traps so that the triggers face away from other traps and set them no more than 10 feet apart.

Step 4

Set out sticky boards in the same areas. Sticky boards trap the mice when they attempt to cross the sticky surface.

Step 5

Check the traps every day for mice caught in the traps. Remove mice that get caught in the traps and get rid of them. This will effectively kill the mice without causing an odor because they are removed immediately.