How to Make a Circle Pattern Out of Pavers

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Use paving stones to enhance the beauty and function of outdoor spaces.

Paving stones can make any garden or outdoor space more beautiful and more functional. Paving stones provide an alternative to installing a deck or laying concrete if you want to have a solid area for seating or a grill. When laying paving stones, use stones of different shapes and sizes to create different effects. If you are laying a rectangular pattern, it's usually pretty simple to place the stones as you go. However, a circular pattern takes a little more planning.


Step 1

Determine the diameter of the circle you intend to make. This will help you figure out how many rings you will make with pavers. For example, if you plan to make a 6-foot diameter circle with 4½-inch square and wedge pavers, expect to have seven rings and a centerpiece.

Step 2

Lay out your pavers in the circle pattern before you begin excavating the area you plan to work in. This will help eliminate unexpected problems, such as having too few or too many pavers for your project. Or use graph paper to make a scale drawing to develop a good idea of what to expect.


Step 3

Place a square paver as the center of your circle.

Step 4

Ring the square with small wedge pavers. Wedge pavers are trapezoids. When making a circle pattern, use square pavers, small wedge pavers and large wedge pavers.

Step 5

Surround that circle with large wedges. When making a circle pattern, the narrow end of the wedge always points toward the middle. Do the third circle using large wedges, too.

Step 6

Alternate between large wedges and squares for the subsequent rings, so that each ring uses a wedge-square-wedge-square pattern. By intermixing the squares, you'll use fewer pavers and have an easier time getting your circle to take shape.

Step 7

Use only square pavers for the final ring to give your circle pattern a finished look.



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