How to Repair a Refrigerator Handle

After many years of opening and closing your refrigerator and freezer by pulling on the handles, the handles may eventually break or loosen. Screws at the top and bottom of the handle connect it to the refrigerator door, allowing you to remove them and make the repair. If the handle is broken, you'll need the correct replacement for your refrigerator model.

Refrigerator handles can break after years of use.

Step 1

Tighten both screws to secure the handle with a screwdriver or hex wrench, if you are attempting to repair a loose handle.

Step 2

Place one hand on the handle and remove both screws to remove the handle. Keep track of the screws as your new handle may not include them.

Step 3

Place the new handle in place, then screw the top screw into the handle to secure it.

Step 4

Align the bottom of the handle with the screw hole, then secure the handle with the remaining screw.