If you are creating a sauna as a new project or building your very own dream sauna, the options of your sauna plans are really only limited by your own creativity. Whether you desire a large open-plan sauna with plenty of seating for multiple guests or a more cozy space with just a few seating spots, designing a unique sauna is possible.

Don't forget to decide on custom flooring and wall fixtures when creating your plans.

Step 1

Decide on the location of your homemade or home-installed sauna within your home or building. If you want to have an indoor sauna, you will need adequate space and room for the equipment as well as additional room for extras and comfort, which is completely optional. You will need to determine the amount of space you will need for your custom sauna, based on your own personal preferences and seating needs. Saunas require seating choices which range from benches to individual seats, taking up a variety of space, depending on the type. Choosing the type of seating for your custom sauna ahead of time will help finalize the amount of space you require for your personalized sauna. Saunas are suitable for businesses or even your own home, depending on your wants and desires. Be sure to check with your city and state laws if you plan on building an addition to your home or business building when creating your sauna.

Step 2

Research home and customized sauna kits, which are available on well-known sauna-building websites, as well as at local department and construction stores. Customized sauna kits will vary in their types and what is included in each kit depending on the size of your sauna and the type the kit provides. Some sauna kits include full blueprint plans for building your sauna, as well as all of the required and even optional items and material required to finish the project completely. Sauna plans will also include the water and heater specifications to run the sauna properly at its highest performance. Each plan will also include instructions on water usage and the amount of time you should use each sauna individually. Call local hardware and construction stores for more information regarding customizing and creating sauna plans as well as pre-made sauna plans available for purchase. Companies offer various plans and customization options for building a personalized sauna within your home. Call various sauna companies to find the best local deals near you as well before deciding on one particular company.

Step 3

Choose a specific layout or requirements you would like fulfilled when installing your home's new sauna. This includes deciding on the type(s) of benches and doors within the custom sauna kit. Benches come as "L-shaped" benches as well as regular flat benches, depending on your seating preferences. Choose a heater size and the placement for it also within the sauna to complete the personalized layout of the interior and to also fit with your sauna's function requirements. Be sure to copy and write down all of the specific sizes of the benches, heater(s), and doors for your sauna, as well as the overall walls and space within the sauna area.

Step 4

Create draft blueprints of your sauna plans. Measure the area in your home or your company's building where you would like to build or create your custom sauna. Be sure to measure and properly designate spaces within the area for your sauna's benches, equipment, and other accessories you desire. These blueprints and drawings may be estimates if you plan on furthering your search for a professional afterward to complete the sauna-building project. Research specific sauna equipment and furniture as well as the measurements to match them with your property's available space for building and designing your sauna. Alternatively, call an architect or custom sauna expert in your area who can translate and create hard copies of an official blueprint of your customized sauna. Using a professional to help complete the task of actually building your sauna will help with the speed of the entire process as well as the accuracy and professionalism.