Instructions for a Thermor Wireless Thermometer

Based in Ontario, Canada, Thermor specializes in digital and analog thermometers for both weather gauging and food safety purposes. Thermometers are manufactured under both the Thermor and BIOS brands, and are produced for both commercial and household use. The Thermor Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer can measure temperatures ranging from -58 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit, and has a wireless transmission of up to 100 feet.

Wireless thermometers help you keep track of outside temperatures.

Step 1

Insert two AA batteries into the monitor and press "Reset."

Step 2

Insert two AA batteries into the remote sensor unit and press "Reset," making sure the monitor and remote sensor are close together.

Step 3

Place the remote sensor in a sheltered outdoor location within 65 to 100 feet of the monitor.

Step 4

Wait for up to five minutes as the monitor attempts to locate the signal from the remote sensor. If no temperature reading is visible after five minutes, press "Re-Sync" to begin the search again.

Step 5

Press the "C/F" button to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures.

Step 6

Press "Max/Min" at any time to see the maximum and minimum temperatures recorded by the thermometer.