When Does a Red Maple Tree Bloom?

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The snow-draped leaves of a red maple.

The red maple tree (Acer rubrum) is a species of the genus Acer, a perennial member of the Aceraceae family. The beautiful blooms and leafs of the tree come of age sooner than most others.


Time Frame

The red maple tree is an early bloomer, typically beginning to flower well before other trees and usually a month or more prior to budding. "The flowers are small, with slender stalks, red or rarely yellowish, with petals," says the U.S. Forest Service. "they appear from March to May depending upon elevation and latitude."


Red maple trees has young as 4 years old produce blooms. They flowers emerge from the branches that receive the most significant sunlight in the upper section of the crown. Branches that do not bloom usually grow slowly and lack vitality.



When a red maple tree blooms—in terms of the season—largely depend on its geographic locale and climate, as the tree grows all the way from Florida to northern Canada. The School of Forest Resources and Conservation at the University of Florida notes that typical red maple blooming in that state occurs in January or February. Other states will obviously see flowering much later in the spring.



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