When to Plant Watermelon in Tennessee

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Watermelons grow well in Tennessee if they are planted at the right time.

Capable of producing fruit in excess of 25 lbs., watermelon plants are well adapted to thrive in Tennessee. Set your plants in the ground at the right time for the best chances of a bountiful crop.



Watermelon plants grow best in warm, sunny conditions. They are not cold-hardy, and should not be planted outside until all danger of frost has passed.

Time Frame

The last spring freeze occurs some time in mid to late April across much of Tennessee. But more northerly areas and higher altitudes can see frost well into May. The University of Tennessee offers freeze dates for most major towns in the state.


Expert Insight

According to the University of Tennessee, watermelon seedlings should be planted in the Garden during the month of May. If you grow your plants from seed, start them in containers indoors two to three weeks early, and then transplant them when the weather warms.


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