Troubleshooting Kenmore Microwave Ovens

Some of the problems you could have with your Kenmore microwave oven include the display not working correctly, the appliance not functioning correctly and excessive noise when the oven is running. Kenmore provides microwave owners with a series of suggestions they can try to determine what the problem with a microwave might be.


Display Problems

Step 1

Plug the power cord into a wall outlet if there is no display visible on the microwave's front panel. If the cord is plugged in, try plugging it into a different outlet.

Step 2

Check your home's breaker box to make sure the switch that controls the outlet you are using is not tripped. If it is tripped, flit it back over to the "On" position to restore power.

Step 3

Click "Time," enter the current time and press "Start" to reset the clock on your microwave if the light on the microwave works when you open the door, but the display does not. This is typically the sign of a temporary power failure.

Microwave Not Operating Correctly

Step 4

Push the "Start" button on the microwave after you enter the amount of time you want to cook your food. The microwave will not begin cooking until you press the "Start" button.

Step 5

Open the microwave door and close it you notice the light is on even though the door is closed and the appliance is not currently cooking. Simply opening and closing the device can fix the problem and the light will turn off when the door is again closed.

Step 6

Press the "Stop/Clear" button to remove a setting for an earlier cooking session that was interrupted before it ended.

Noise Problems

Step 7

Do nothing if the fan continues to run even after you open the microwave door. If the microwave is hot, the fan will continue to run until the appliance cools down. You also do not need to do anything if the fan is blowing when you use the range beneath the microwave, as this is a normal function.

Step 8

Remove the glass turntable tray and place it back on the rollers, ensuring that the tray is facing up and that it is fitted firmly on the center hub.

Step 9

Place a material that can provide some cushioning under the microwave if the microwave is on a metal surface and a vibrating noise occurs when the microwave is in operation. A wooden or rubber slat under the microwave could help reduce the noise.