How to Change the Battery in a Brinks Home Security Alarm

Keeping your home secure gives peace of mind, so make sure your security system is up to date and running well by changing out the battery if you know it has been several years since you last replaced it. If your Brinks-brand home security alarm starts beeping, displays the "Trouble" light or was installed more than five years ago, it may be time to change the battery. (Brinks, which is now ADT, recommends changing the battery anytime between three and five years of use, even if the alarm doesn't beep or show the "Trouble" light.) Change the battery on your own Brinks alarm with just a couple of household tools and a few moments' work. Be sure to call the alarm service provider (Step 4) before you pull out the old battery.


Step 1

Disarm the security system.

Step 2

Unscrew the panel locking the door to the battery case.

Step 3

Check the battery, facing outward, to determine the proper battery type. It should be either 4Ah or 7Ah. Purchase a new battery, available at electronics stores. Close the case and rescrew the panel until you've secured a new battery.

Step 4

Contact the ADT (previously Brinks) customer service hotline at 1-800-ADT-ASAP to inform them that your system will be having its battery changed and to request to be put on test.

Step 5

Unscrew the panel locking the door to the battery case.

Step 6

Clasp electrically insulated pliers onto the black wire connector on the battery's negative (-) terminal. Pull the black wire connector out by wiggling it.

Step 7

Clasp the pliers onto the red wire connector on the positive (+) terminal. Pull out the red wire connector. The battery is now loose. Take the loose battery out of the box and set it aside.

Step 8

Remove any clear terminal protectors from the new battery. Place the battery in the Brinks/ADT box, facing out.

Step 9

Push the red wire connector into the red terminal. Push the black wire connector into the black terminal.

Step 10

Arm the security system.

Step 11

Test the security system. (Testing varies depending on the actual alarm system; see the alarm panel or manual.)

Step 12

Close and re-screw the panel door.

Step 13

Contact the Brinks/ADT customer service department and request to be put off test.