How to Grow a Plant in Less Than a Week

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Things You'll Need

  • Gardening soil

  • Seeds

  • Compost

  • Containers or gardening pots

  • Plastic tray

  • Clear plastic (optional)

Nasturtiums germinate quickly.

Maybe you are working on a science project, need to create a floral gift quickly or you had put off germinating your garden's transplants. In any case, you have several vegetable and flower plants to choose from that will germinate in a week or less. Although you will at least see the first true leaves, called cotyledons, within seven days, the plant will take longer to flower or mature. Whatever seed you decide to grow quickly, read the package's instructions for any special instructions that may be involved.

Step 1

Purchase seeds for a plant that germinates within seven days or less. Examples include radish, beans, marigolds, nasturtiums and peas.

Step 2

Fill pots or containers that have holes in the bottom with soil. You can also add compost to enrich the soil, but these seeds are easy to grow, so do not worry about it if compost is not readily available.

Step 3

Place two to three seeds in each pot at depths of 1/2 inch to just below the surface, depending on the plant type. Follow the directions on the seed package.

Step 4

Water the pots well until the soil becomes completely moist but not waterlogged or mucky. If water begins to pool on the soil's surface, that means the soil is oversaturated.

Step 5

Place the pots on a sunny window sill. Continue to water the pots daily to maintain moisture.

Step 6

Place a piece of clear plastic over the pots if there are no signs of germination within three or four days. This will create a greenhouse effect and provoke plant growth.

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