How do I Convert a Swamp Cooler Shaft Into Skylight?

When removing a swap cooler from the roof of a home, the hole created by the cooler location can convert into a functioning skylight. A swamp cooler sits on the roof of the home and requires an access point through the roof to circulate the air into the home. Skylights run from the roof and extend through the attic space and ceiling to bring natural light into the home. After removing a swamp cooler, the access point in the roof can convert into a skylight to add light and warmth into the home.

Convert your swamp cooler shaft into a skylight.

Step 1

Remove the swamp cooler from the roof of the home, leaving the duct-work in place.

Step 2

Line the interior of the hole left by the swamp cooler with roof tar to create a barrier between the roof and flashing and to ensure the weatherproofing aspects remain intact.

Step 3

Insert the flashing into the hole in the roof and secure in place with nails.

Step 4

Attach the roof skylight dome to the flashing by snapping it into place or securing it with the included nails or screws.

Step 5

Inside the home, remove the vent from the ceiling that connects to the duct-work directly below the skylight dome.

Step 6

Insert the ceiling skylight dome into the vent location and attach to the duct work and existing fixture with the included screws.