Many ovens feature a self-cleaning cycle that allows you to clean up spills and debris without scrubbing. When self-cleaning, the oven heats to extreme temperatures, as much as 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, to incinerate any debris and spills. After the self cleaning cycle has completed, you can sweep out the debris and enjoy your clean oven. Because of the extreme heat, most oven doors automatically lock, and remain locked until the oven has cooled. If you begin the cleaning cycle but wish to stop it prematurely, you can do so very easily, however the oven door will remain locked until the oven has cooled, whether the cycle has competed or not.

Few modern ovens utilize a turn knob to initiate the self-cleaning cycle.

Step 1

Locate the button on the oven control panel labeled "Clear," "Off" or "Cancel." If there is no button, look for the word "Off" on the oven temperature knob.

Step 2

Press the "Clear," "Off" or "Cancel" button, or turn the temperature knob to the "Off" position.

Step 3

Wait for the oven to cool to less than 500 degrees, which may take as much as an hour. Once the oven is cool, the door will automatically unlock. If your oven has a manual door lock, do not unlock the door and open then oven for at least one hour to prevent burns.