Do you feel like you're just moving dust particles from one place to the next every time you pull out the feather duster or cloth? A static duster can solve your problem. Static dusters differ from a traditional dustcloth and furniture polish for two reasons. Polish introduces more chemicals into your home, but without it, dust just scatters. Static dusters draw dust to them -- almost like magnets.


Using Your Static Duster

Unpack your new static duster. If you're using one that you already have, take it outdoors and shake it vigorously to remove previously accumulated dust.

Prepare the duster for use by rolling the handle back and forth between your hands. The twisting motion fluff the fibers and prepares them to attract more dust.

Cup the plastic bag in one hand. Hold the handle of the static duster in the other hand. Place the duster in the cupped plastic bag and close it so that the plastic bag wraps loosely around the duster.

Rub the static duster with the plastic bag, twisting it around the duster to rub all areas. Repeat this step several times to create the static charge. When charged, the duster will look fuller, and the fibers will be fluffy.

Set aside the plastic bag and begin dusting.

Clean the duster by holding it away from you and shaking it vigorously outside or over a trash can. Shake it upside down for best results.