Quesadilla makers are available from many manufacturers. All brands of this small kitchen appliance operate in the same fashion. The device features a hinged lid that opens to reveal a non-stick cooking surface. The quesadilla maker heats up quickly to grill tortillas and your choice of fillings in only a few minutes. Before using your appliance, choose a hard, flat surface in your kitchen to sit the device on. It should be away from water and near an electrical outlet.

Quesadillas are easy to make with a quesadilla maker.

Step 1

Wipe the inside and outside surfaces of the quesadilla maker with a damp (not wet) cloth.

Step 2

Coat the top and bottom cooking plates with a small amount of cooking spray or vegetable oil. Close the lid.

Step 3

Plug the quesadilla maker's power cord into an electrical outlet. Allow it to preheat for about five minutes -- the indicator light will remain lit while the unit heats up. The light will turn off when the desired temperature is reached.

Step 4

Prepare and assemble the quesadilla. Carefully open the lid -- you may want to use a pot holder, as the surface of the device may be hot. Place the prepared quesadilla on the bottom plate, centering it.

Step 5

Close the lid, securing the lid latch if possible. (The latch may not close fully if your quesadilla contains a large amount of filling.) Allow the quesadilla to cook for three to five minutes.

Step 6

Raise the lid and use a spatula to transfer the quesadilla to a plate. (Avoid using metal utensils.) Close the lid immediately if you intend to make more quesadillas -- this keeps the device warm.

Step 7

Open the lid when you are finished. Unplug the device from the electrical outlet and allow it to finish cooling. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.