Do Maple Trees Have Acorns?

Acorns are the seeds of oak trees. Maple trees do not have acorns. Maple trees produce a fruit called a samara that contains the seeds of the tree.

You can tap some maple trees for maple syrup.

About Samaras

A samara is a pair of connected, winged seeds. Some maples produce double samaras and some produce triple samaras. When the samaras turn from green to yellow or brown, they fall to the ground in a spiraling pattern.

Planting Maple Seeds

You can collect the samaras after they fall to the ground. The exact steps for planting maple seeds depend on the variety of maple tree. For example, some maple seeds require stratification, which is a pretreatment that simulates the natural conditions that a seed experience before it germinates.

About Maples

Maples come in many varieties, 13 of which are native to North America, including the sugar maple, black maple and red maple. Maples vary in size from the small, 8-foot Japanese maple to the large, 100-foot sugar maple. Maples are deciduous trees, and their leaves change color in the fall.

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