Air Mattresses That Hold Up to 600 Lbs.

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Some air mattresses have more capacity for weight than others.

Whether you're an avid camper or simply prefer a bed with a little less structure and a little more lightness, air mattresses might be your best option. When shopping for an air mattress, there are several factors to keep in mind. But one particular spec to keep an eye on when finding the best product for yourself is weight capacity.


Intex Corporation offers a variety of air mattress models. They categorize them as either camping or indoor home airbeds based on level of thickness. Most of their larger indoor airbeds have a 600-plus pound capacity. The "classic downy" is the thinnest of their options that can hold up to 600 pounds (Note: This is only true of the full and queen sizes; it's 300 pounds for the twins). They also offer a two-in-one that can convert from a double thickness mattress to two equally-sized ones. Intex offers comfort-top, pillow-rest, foam-top, and raised-frame mattresses, all of which hold up to 600 pounds (except in the twin varieties).


Coleman, known for their camping gear, also offers air mattresses. They're mostly meant for outdoor use, but many have high weight capacities for indoor use as well. They have a variety of airbeds that feature built-in motors or offer pumps as accessories. They offer double-high beds that boast the ability to inflate very quickly. Some double-high models have the potential to fold out into two equally-sized mattresses. In addition, many of their extra-high models offer MP3 jacks for music players.


Like many other brands, Aerobed offers both indoor and outdoor varieties of their air mattresses. They offer some indoor models with built-in, inflated headboards that can withstand up to 700 pounds. They also offer smaller models called "Sleep Away" beds that can hold up to 650 or 700, pounds based on width. Finally, they offer some Sleep Away mattresses that come with color coordinated backpack totes; these can withstand the same amount of weight as the regular models.


Wenzel offers air beds with elevated brackets and incline capabilities. In addition, they offer mattresses that can sustain 600 pounds of pressure that include built-in pillows, raised extra-high thickness, and ultra-flexible material for storage. Their mattresses are offered in four basic colors: dark green, light blue, cyan blue, and beige.


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